Socks, hat & pump user’s group

Today’s pics are……..

The socks I made from the Opal yarn for my step-sister and niece. They have been sent and received and the report back is that they love them. So job’s a good ‘un there then. I also sent the little baby slippers to the prospective parents, and those went down well too.

The hat is knitted for my mum to match a scarf I already made and sent to her. It came out slightly small but I think it will be okay. It should have been Bigga yarn but I used Lopi chunky which isn’t quite as thick so it came out slightly smaller. I’m thinking now whether I should have used two strands together?
Today’s project to be started is a hand puppet to go in shoeboxes which are filled with things for charity to send to kids who don’t get much at Christmas in countries like Romania etc. I have a pattern for a bear and a clown so I’ll see what happens there. Our knitting group is doing them so I can’t really turn up next month without one, especially for charity!
As some of you know I use an insulin pump to control my diabetes. On Monday night there was a pump user’s meeting at Liverpool with a talk by the Diabetes Consultant about future developments in treating diabetes. It was quite interesting, discussing inhaled insulin, closed loop feedback insulin pumps, and islet transplants. I also had a chat with a girl who started the pump the same day as me and we have kept in touch. She now has a 14 week old baby and she showed us a very cute photo. Also met a lady called Sally who lives in a village in N. Wales and knows some friend’s of ours who live there. We exchanged numbers and emails so I will get in touch with her.
Christmas is hurtling towards us at a rate of knots! I need to get shopping done for the family for when we visit them. I have ideas I just need to get out to the shops.
Ooooo……… that the kettle on………….?


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