Whoops, bargains & Sheldon

Gggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!! I have just written this post once and then the whole lot just vanished!! How annoying, where do these things go, and why??? Well, here we go again……….

I was very pleased to get a call from the Posh Yarn Shop this morning, to say they wanted to order more of my sheep stitch markers. They want a total of 56!!! so off I went to Hobby Craft to replenish my Fimo supplies.

Unfortunatley I had a little mishap while I was there and this fell in my basket…
The yarn is 100% nylon “paper ribbon” and was 3 for 99p. The handles are bamboo and were only £1.49, cheapest I’ve seen. Added to the stash for the time being to be considered later.

I had lunch with a fellow bookcrosser today in town and she passed on “We Need to Talk about Kevin” which is a bookring. We had a good chat and a catch-up and then I had a wander round town for a while. I popped in to see Rachel, who I worked with in the bookshop, she is now in a giftshop. Then I did the wrong thing and went in The Works where I saw this………
and somehow when I got home I discovered I’d bought it ;o). Knock down price, so that’s my excuse. And I haven’t got a stitch book. It is all charts though so I will have to try to memorize the symbols.

The gloves are coming along nicely, the second one is now at the stage the first one was in when I took the photo from a couple of days ago. BUT my yarn is getting very scanty and I am seriously worried it is going to run out. It won’t be by much which is so frustrating. But keep everything crossed for me that it lasts.

After the gloves and the competition socks and the lacy scarf, I want to make one of these possibly for friends who are having a baby in March. I have already sent them some booties but that was ages ago. I’ll see how I go.


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