Robbie?, gloves, cardigan.

Oh my God, can it be??? Robbie Williams???? In the Ramada Plaza hotel in Wrexham????
Well no, it was Ian somebody or other, but he had a good go at it, and was entertaining.

All in all a good night. The food wasn’t bad for a mass produced hotel Christmas meal, much better than some I’ve had over the years. And I was very naughty and had the Christmas pudding, but it was very nice. Then there was “Robbie”, and he did all the favourites, finishing with everyone doing a “mini Knebworth” as he called it, waving candles, lighters and mobile phones in the air while singing Angels.
And then the obligatory disco, with Bex requesting all kinds of tunes for various members of our group. It’s funny how all the same ones come up every time, A bit of Ricky Martin that we can all shake our booties at, Status Quo so that Dai can do his air guitar routine, Teenage Dirtbag so everyone else can do their air guitar routines. And of course S Club 7. Unfortunately I just missed out on Amarillo, but dashed back to see them all marching round the room.
Here are a couple of pics of people enjoying themselves.

Bex on the left, who really let her hair down, and Iain & Helen the new parents-to-be. Come on Iain, you have to de-lurk now I know you read this, and leave me a comment or two from time to time!!

I think we can now safely put Christmas to bed for another 11 months.

The planning permission for the offices finally came through on Friday so its all systems go now, getting furniture, phone lines and computers in. And finding me something smart to wear, eek.

Finished off the FIL’s gloves this morning, just a bit of sewing up. Here they are finished……

they are black, not blue.

And here is the back of my Lana Grossa cardigan in progress. The pattern changes soon, to another chart, but there is no photo of the back and it is different to the front. The instructions are a little confusing so I may have to have a few tries before I work it out!
And those naughty, naughty people at garnstudio have released their new sock yarn!! I must resist, I must resist, I must resist!!! Oh, bum!

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