Warm, birds, whistling, CD, card & socks!

3BTs for today……..
1. Going out wrapped up in 4 layers and feeling cosy warm, and not minding that my nose was still cold.
2. Big, fat blackbirds rustling around in the leaf litter.
3. A window cleaner whistling away, happy in his work.

So I have just whizzed up this card for our neice’s 18th birthday. I used a decoupage sheet that I’ve had for ages and some peel-offs in a window card. Not sure if we will see her at the weekend though.

I got a surprise in the post this morning, a CD from My Pwllheli Friend. He did it while I was over there last week but I forgot to bring it with me, and then I forgot he was sending it to me so when it arrived I was well chuffed! Some cool tunes on there, The Coral, OutKast, Jose Gonzales (remember the bouncing balls advert on TV recently?).

A big breakthrough happened last night. I finished a competition sock!!! Once I got on with it it didn’t take too long to do. I tried it on and it is a bit tight but I’m not gonna faff with it at this stage, I’ll just get the other one done and send them in. I really wish they were as good as these mitts. How good a knitter are they???


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