Boobs, snow and knickers!

I have just spotted this on the BBC homepage. Now there’s a novel idea for you knitters!!

Whhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! We have snow today. It had all started to melt at lunchtime but it is now falling again. Its only quite fine tho’ so I doubt if it will hang around.

I went out earlier and posted off my Simply Knitting competition socks. Fingers crossed but not holding my breath.

Not a lot going on today, I am carrying on with my green socks and also doing a quick fluffy scarf for one of the little girls up the road who is 8 on Saturday. I am looking after them on Monday afternoon as it is half term and their mum goes to college. L is a big fan of purple so I am using up some purple and black fluffy eyelash wool to make a stripey scarf. I’ll finish it tonight in front of the telly-box.

Apparently my step-dad read the button on the left wrong and thought it said Sexy Knickers Club. I think he was quite looking forward to clicking through so this one is for you, Bill!! Happy anniversary, hee hee!!


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