Rebate, Zokni socks & sheep

I had a surprise this morning. About a month ago I had a letter from Customs & Excise asking me to fill in a form about my employment since I left work in November 2005. I haven’t worked since so I just ticked all the no boxes and sent it back. So postie comes this morning and I opened the letter thinking it was someone else trying to get me to have their insurance or credit card, but no! It was a tax rebate! £442. I was gobsmacked! When I told Colin, he said “Oh God, I’m not going to be able to get in the front door this evening because of all the wool piled up in the hall!” Hahahahah! That could be true! Actually, knowing me it will go straight into my savings account! It does mean I will now order the wool for the bag my mum wants.

I started using my red colourway of Fabel yarn to make a pair of Zokni socks but I think the patterning of the yarn is too much to show up the pattern of the socks. What do you think?

You can’t see the holes in the pattern at all. So shall I press on, or shall I use the pattern with plain yarn? I’d like to see what a Clapotis might look like in this yarn but as it is sock yarn would it work? Would it be really small?

Today I shall be making sheep. I have had another order from the posh yarn shop for some of the coloured ones. I will also make the ones that Florence in the USA wants, and get them all out of the way.

So, Life on Mars started its new series last night. Very much up to its previous standard and an interesting story line too, with goings on in the present time affecting Sam in the past. I think it is going to be a good series.

I took my car in for its service yesterday, and wandered around town looking for office clothes. I hate clothes shopping, especially all the trying on. Ulgh. Anyway I managed to get one pair of trousers. And where did I get them? “TOPSHOP!!!” (wink to the Booshies out there!). There was also a very nice pair in Principles which I nearly got but I think I am an inbetween size at the moment. One was too big and the other a little too tight in the waist. I may go and try them again on Saturday. Anyway, I wasn’t too happy with the garage, firstly because they had said it would be washed and vac-ed and it wasn’t and secondly because they managed to lose my service book. They have now found it but it means going back to collect it. They said they’d post it but I don’t trust them now, and it has also put doubts in my mind that they actually did all the things they ticked on the sheet. I suppose I have to trust them, cos I wouldn’t know any different. Ho hum.

In case anyone wants the pattern for the fluffy slippers you can get it here.


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