The to do list is getting shorter.

First things first, I finished Fiona’s pink slippers…………..

I was going to time how long they took, but I completely forgot while I was doing the first one. but the second one took about 2 & quarter hours, so that’s about 4 & half hours for a pair. But I’m not making any more of those for a while.

This morning I took a flock of 40 sheep in to the Posh Yarn Shop and told them the bad news that I probably wasn’t making any more because I was going back to work. They thought it was a shame because they are popular, so I kind of said I may be able to do about 10 now and again. I really didn’t enjoy making them this time, and I still have 20 to do for the lady in the USA. She can’t pay me for a couple of weeks though so I’ve got a bit more time. (Forgot to take a pic, sorry!)

A couple of stash enhancements………

Garnstudio Eskimo for my mum’s bag, I have 8 balls of this, it is a bit like camouflage colouring. It knits up like this (this is just a test square) and will be felted when it’s made.

And the other one is a couple of balls of Rowan Tapestry that I couldn’t resist! Hmm, no idea what to make with it!

I haven’t frogged the Fabel sock yet, I used the 2nd ball to start this scarf. It is called the Dragon Scales Scarf from my Knitting Calendar. If you click the pic you can see it larger and will be able to see the “scales”. I quite like it so I think this will be my entry for the garnstudio Fabel KAL competition.

And finally, one of my readers should look out for a little surprise!! I’ll say no more!


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