For the SKB KALers

I am having a bit of a mad week, trying to start work, visitors coming tomorrow, several knitting bits to finish off etc etc.

But I just wanted to post a quick update to let the SKB KALers know where I’m up to. I have got the sleeves on waste yarn, have joined the round and am about half way through the 3 inches of chevron lace on the main body. I think I may put it on waste yarn and try it on when I get to the end of this bit ie the other set of purl ridges, before I carry on down with the hip shaping. Will post a pic when I do that.

I’m really enjoying making this, even though it is a bit fiddly using 2 strands together (and now 3, because I have added in a metallic thread for the lace). So how are the rest of you getting on? I know T has started and that she is away, but I don’t know about anyone else yet. Hope you are all enjoying it though.


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