3BTs, walking wounded and GRSSSs.

3 BTs (haven’t done this for a while but I have 3 for today)
1. Every year we have blackbirds in our back garden and usually they make a nest somewhere either in the forsythia or the clematis. Recently I have noticed a male nosing about in the garden, but unusually he has some pure white feathers in his tail. I have christened him “Flash”.
2. All the magnolia bushes are out in flower in the nieghbours’ gardens. Funny though, they are all pink, not magnolia!
3. When I’m walking the dog, there is a huge privet hedge that we pass. It is usually full of twittering sparrows which all fall silent as we pass and then start up again when we have gone past.

I have sustained another injury, what am I like? This morning while wandering around with no socks on I kicked the leg of the spare bed with my little toe and we all know how much that hurts! It has now gone rather black looking, and hard to walk on. Maybe the boss will give me a day off tomorrow!!

I haven’t heard anything about my Glam Rock Ski Suit Socks that I sent to the Simply Knitting competition, and I haven’t had them returned either. The closing date was 1st March and the best 30 are due to be shown for judging at the Stitch & Craft show in Olympia next weekend. I can only guess that it is one of three things.
1. Mine are in the top 30 – hahahaha, not likely!
2. They got lost in the post either going or coming back.
3. The judges have all fallen about in hysterics and chucked them straight in the bin.
Hmmm, which could it be?


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