SKB finished!!!!

Hooray!! Yesterday morning before work I finished the last 3 rows and cast off. I pinned it to the spare bed and sprayed it with water (a method of blocking I only read about 2 days ago) and left it to dry. By this morning it was done and here are the photos. I really love it, although I would maybe have it slightly longer! Luckily I had just enough yarn, so a longer one would definately need an extra ball or two. (And what a lovely sunny morning to take the pics!) I found the purple vest top in New Look and it also has a bit of sparkle. I couldn’t believe how good a match it turned out to be. (Click the pics for closer views but ignore my hair, it desperately needs seeing to!)

Yesterday I received “Fitted Knits” by Stephanie Japel and this morning my “At Knit’s End” by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee came too. So I have plenty of knitty reading to do now. My next task is to finish off Sheldon this weekend, and then my Fabel scarf. I am still waiting on my 8mm Addis which is a good thing otherwise I would plunge on into the Lace Inset and I have to finish these other things first. However, I have started to think about Christmas presents already and I have one or 2 items and people in mind!!


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