15 minutes of fame!!!

Ooooh, I’m sooo excited!!!…………….

I have just been into town because it is Farmer’s Market day and we always go and get our fish from Paul the fishman. Colin gave me the afternoon off because he had to go to see a client and couldn’t get into town. So I decided to have a mooch around while I was there. Of course that meant going to the various yarn outlets. Not having any success at the usual market or the Arts and Crafts shop I decided to go into the “posh yarn shop” to get some Addis for the Thuja socks. So, Steve the owner served me and then said, “Can you get ready to make some more sheep stitch markers?” I explained that I was now working and didn’t really have the time, but then he said “Only they are going to be featured in either Knitting or Simply Knitting magazine and we may get a bit of interest.” Yikes. So I said, “Well I’d better make the time then, how exciting!” He can’t remember which of the 2 magazines it is but he thinks it is in the next issue of whichever one it is. And it will give my name as the person who makes them for the shop!

Well, I guess I know what I’ll be doing over Easter weekend then! I wasn’t going to do any more because I got a bit fed up with them being so fiddly, but being featured in a national magazine makes all the difference.


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