Magazine & buttons

An update on the sheep stitch markers………. they are going to be featured in Simply Knitting Magazine this month (May issue) which comes out on about the 27th April. That gives me an extra weeks grace to get them done! The following issue, (June issue) has Stash as its Shop of the Month, and Helen the owner has to do a piece for it called “Fun for a fiver”. She has chosen the sheep again to be featured in that list. I popped in today to get an idea how many they wanted and they said as many as you can do, so I’m going to do 10 of each to get them started and then keep topping up as and when.

These are some buttons I got from ebay this morning to go on my Fab Lace Cardi. I’m not entirely sure they go but I will use them and see what they are like when they are on it – when it is finished. (BTW, T, I am not a fast knitter by any stretch of the imagination but this cardi knits up really quickly on 8mm needles. You could almost do a front in a sitting if you put your mind to it.)

Nina, I’m not sure about the shape of the toes being rounder by going toe-up on a sock. I wouldn’t have thought it would make a difference? I’m doing them this way because I’m not sure how far the yarn will go and don’t want to run out before I get to the toe!

Next Sunday I am going on a day course called ‘Designer Fashion Hand Knitting’ at the little arty college on the Wirral. Its all about adjusting patterns to fit, working out measurements and yarn quantities and creating your own designs. Should be interesting. I have to take a selection of needles and yarn, a work in progress, any patterns I have that I may want to adapt and any design ideas. Well I don’t have any ideas, I usually just follow a pattern but I’d love to be able to design something and hopefully by the end of the day I’ll have some idea how. I’m not sure which yarn to take. I guess a selection of weights, but how many of each? I’m just going to take all my circs in their folder and leave the straights at home. They should do.

I have decided on a pattern for a present for someone for Christmas. I won’t show it because the person reads this!! I may even make two, for two people. I have to choose the yarn yet though.

Well, I guess the sheep won’t make themselves, so off to the farmyard I go……….hi ho hi ho!


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