Alpaca socks finished

Here are the finished Natural Dye Studio alpaca/silk toe-up socks. Just before I finished the second one I tried the first one on and found that I had cast off too tightly and it wouldn’t go over my heel. So I did 2 less rib rows on the 2nd sock and then frogged back the first sock and re-did the rib cos I couldn’t work out how to frog and pick up rib stitches. So I did 2 less rows again so I would have enough ysrn to cast off loosely. And it worked so they are both fine now. I’m really pleased with the gussett and heel, I usually get holes if I do them top down.

I only have 3 projects on the needles now, better cast on something quick!!

I agreed to be an administrator for the SKD forum but things are changing anyway so I’m not sure what the state of play is at the moment.

Countdown – 6 days to sheep in Simply Knitting!!


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