Yarn, competition and wine friend.

Over the last few days I have acquired a few more yarns for my stash!!

First, on the left, is Rowan 4ply Yorkshire tweed in Barley from Janette, 10 x 25g balls for a tenner. I am going to use these to make a felted bag for my mum.
Next, at the top, is one ball of Rowan Scottish Tweed which I bought to finish off the socks for the mystery recipient. The Karisma I bought from garnstudio wasn’t enough so each sock will have a yorkshire tweed top to it, I’ll post the picture when they are finished. The colour match is pretty good so it doesn’t look too odd. Only problem is that the Karisma is machine washable and the tweed isn’t so now they can’t go in the machine. Never mind, the recipient will have to wash them by hand.
At the bottom is a swatch I did from the Wendy Melody. I am going to use this for the pyjamas as an accent to the Bamboo tape I got last week. I’ve been playing with gauge and can get the same gauge in both yarns on different needle sizes so I’ll see how I get on with that little project.

And finally, on the left is some laceweight Harmony from ebay seller jojosquare
Here are a couple of close-ups. It is 100% wool and lovely and soft, in subtle pastel colours of pink, green & blue. Very pretty. I shall attempt to make my first lace weight project with this but no ideas so far, any suggestions?

I emailed Simply Knitting about the sock competition and apparently they are getting round to posting the entries back out and the winners will be announced in the next issue. I haven’t heard anything from Burton Manor about my complaint as yet.

My Yarn Forward magazine arrived on Saturday, hmmm, not sure about this one. Unfortunately because it took so long to actually get published it was a winter issue and it is spring now. It also seems to have quite a lot about socks in it, (not that I mind, I like making socks) and there were two very similar articles about knitting and the internet. I do think that the actual printing had improved since the last issue though.

Last night we popped out for a drink with a friend who has been living in France for the last 3 months. Colin did some life coaching with her and she ended up chucking in her job and going off to France. She has been doing a language course and when she goes back she will be living with a French family and working in their wine shop in a little village in Burgundy. She has quite a lot of wine qualifications, so should be fine. It was good to see her and I hope she does well.


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