Visit, zoo, BFL & book

Just a couple of things I forgot to write about earlier in the week….

On Friday, Chris came to visit. We talked about her course for Burton Manor which is going to be called Knits Fit to Flatter. I think she has done a really good job on it, and I’ll definitely go to it. She brought me presents too. A couple of crystals for my thumb, a moonstone and something else which I’m embarrassed to say I’ve forgotten the name of. And some carded wool for spinning. We had a bit of a go at it later on, and it was fun. I’ve tried raw fleece before but this was lovely and stranded so it spun easier. The 3 hours just flew, and at the end my living room looked like this……..

On Sunday we popped up to the zoo to see the new Orangutan house. It is so much bigger than the old one.

This is only part of the outdoor bit. That is a running water feature at the front. And look at this orang…..

standing completely upright. I’ve never seen them do that before.

This arrived this morning from Natural Dye Studio. 100% Blue Faced Leicester sock yarn. But alas, it is not for me but I can’t say who yet.

I’m a ways into The Divide now, and it isn’t what I thought at the beginning. It’s not about the murder really, it goes back to before that and the relationships going on in the family before it all happened. So yes, it has turned out to be a bit like The Horse Whisperer after all.


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