Physio, reiki & books

It seems my thumb has been assessed by the orthopaedic triage system and they have decided to send me to see the physiotherapy department. They will then assess it and see if they can deal with it, but if they think I will still need to see the orthopaedic surgeons, then there is a 3 to 4 month wait!! Can I go that long without knitting?? That’s nearly Christmas!! I’ll see what they say at physio on 23rd July and then decide what to do. I hope they don’t start pulling it about and bending it cos that is going to HURT!!

I have decided to spend some of my backpay on getting my Reiki Master level. I will then feel as if I am fully qualified and able to charge for my services. Not that I will probably do a lot, but at least I’ll have it done. I have just spoken to Yvonne, my Reiki Master and I have booked for 1st September. One of the girls I did the level 2 with is going on the same day so that will be good. A couple of weeks after that one of Colin’s colleagues is running a workshop called “How to Charge What You are Worth” which I’m going to be helping out on, so i can pick up some tips!

I finished reading The High Lord at the weekend. It is the final story about Sonea, a slum girl who discovers by accident that she has magical abilities, and is trained by the magician’s guild. In this book she has to help save the city of Imardin from attackers and has to also work out where her loyalties lie with regard to the high lord, Akkarrin. There is a welcome return for many of the characters of the previous books and the storyline is good and partly left open if the author were to consider another sequel.

I have now moved onto the latest Lincoln Rhyme book by Jeffery Deaver, The Cold Moon. What fascinates me is all the forensic stuff that goes on in these books, and also how the author comes up with such interesting ways to murder his victims. I have read all the previous books in the series and from what I’ve read so far, this one is going to be just as good. I swapped a Patricia Cornwell on readitswapit last week and got Salem’s Lot by Stephen King in return, which I didn’t realise was a vampire story. If I’d known that I would have got a copy sooner. I think that will be next on my list to read, and I’ve also got 5 of the Anne Rice ones to read too. I do like a good vampire story.


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