It’s my birthday and I’ll knit if I want to…..

Well no I won’t actually cos I’m not allowed but I wish I could cos I got some knitting goodies I want to use NOW!
This was my CTnY Summer Birthday Surprise package from Blossom (I had guessed right!).
Some Opal Neon sock yarn in wonderful shades of purple, blue and green. I just want to start knitting it RIGHT NOW!! There was also a rosette kit, some Heaven chocolate, a lovely card and these stitch markers which are gorgeous.
Thank you Blossom. It’s lovely when a complete stranger sends you such wonderful things. I hope my partner likes what I am going to send to them.
Here is the Mika CD from my mum. She also sent some money, choccie and some fancy shampoo!
Colin got me this lovely card that looks a bit like Podge! And the My Chemical Romance CD. He is also getting me a spanking new computer, which will be ready on Friday.
And look what T sent!! Hee hee heee heeeeeeee!! Made by her own fair hand. It’s fabulous, dahhhling!
Colin took me out for a meal last night cos he will be a bit late home this evening. This is what we had and we went to Moules a Go Go………..
King Prawns for Colin, and Red Pepper Hummus for me,
Rissotto for Colin & Sea Bass for me,
followed by Rhubarb & Ginger sponge with cream shared between the 2 of us. Yummy!!!!

Today I have the day off so I am going up for a mooch around Borders and have a lovely frothey decaff cappucino. Ahhhh, and the sun is shining too, couldn’t be better.

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