At last, the wait is over…..

Ok everyone, check out THEARTOFIT. It’s well worth a look, and well worth the long wait. Go Nina, go Nina, go Nina. Wooohoooo!

(PS. This post has now got pics.)

Yesterday when I got home I had a package from Denmark. It was from one of my swap partners in the bookmark swap. She only had to send 2 bookmarks but she had sent a shop bought one, FOUR handmade ones and a handmade booklet of a Hans Christian Anderson story to go with the shop bookmark. The HCA bookmark is one of those magnetic ones that goes over the page.

I gave her a 5 rating and a heart for going the extra mile. I felt a bit bad that the ones I sent to my partners weren’t as good but I have had 2 ratings and one of them even gave me a heart!!


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