FLIC is finished!!!!

Woweee, I have a Finished Object, the first one in months. I started the Fabulous Lace Cardigan months ago before my enforced knitting ban, and it only needed a sleeve finished, sewing up and then the collar doing. So because my thumb and finger haven’t been too bad lately i decided to do a little bit of knitting and finish it. Here is the result……….. It still needs to be blocked, to make it a little longer, and uncurl the back of the collar, but I think its fab. If i had perfect fingers I’d make loads of these in different colours, but alas, I need to keep it nice and slow. What I’m really pleased about too is that I took my time over the sewing up and managed to do invisible joins! And its the first time I have done set-in sleeves which took a bit of working out to sew in, but once i got it, they turned out great.

I can now take this off my WIPs and plans list, hurrah!! I have Widdershins from knitty.com on the go, to keep me occupied until Sock Wars.

Oh, the details…………
Pattern – Fabulous Lace Inset Cardigan from sweaterbabe.com
Yarn – Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Bulky in Lipstick Red, an absolute bargain at £2 a skein from ebay seller Oregon Trail , as it was a colour that they weren’t happy with!!! I love it!
Needles – 8mm (and 7mm for part of collar)
Buttons – from ebay


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