Canal, gloves & hands

Sunday morning we went for a short walk along the canal at Christleton. This is the view facing one way……..
And this is the view facing the other way………….
Some strange bloke decided to get in the photo…oh no, hang on, that’s Colin!!

These handsome fellas were trying to round up some lady friends but they weren’t too interested!
Yesterday I finished off Mandy’s Miss Potter gloves, so that is the Christmas knitting finished and I can knit my other Jaywalker.

I am also getting an itch to start another Clapotis (correctly pronounced Clah-poh-tee apparently, I thought it was Clap-oh-tiss, but what do I know!). And I am swatching for a Mr Greenjeans.

I shouldn’t really start anything at the moment, cos my operation is on January 11th. Some people have commented on whether I really need to have the op seeing as I am back knitting again. The fact is that the break did give the hands a rest and they are not sore when I knit but I still cannot bend my left thumb or right little finger. This causes problems with everyday things like writing and opening jars etc so yes, I am still going to need the surgery. But thanks for your concern!!


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