Lighting up time.

Here is the infamous earlight.

And here it is in action with the room light on. You can see the amount of light it casts quite well here.

And here you can see it with the room lights off. Sorry it is blurred, the camera didn’t like the dark without the flash, but with the flash on it defeated the object! I reckon you could probably knit in the cinema as long as you didn’t have someone sat right next to you.

I finally finished my first Zokni sock. As you can see I opted for a heel flap in the end, I’m still not happy picking up wraps on a short row heel.

I did try to teach a short row heel last night though. I met up with Becca from the knitting group. It was funny because we were sitting in Starbucks in Borders knitting away and a member of staff tried to recruit us for the knitting group so we had to explain that we had been there last week and that I was actually one of the organisers. He apologised for not recognising us and was pleased we were with the group.

Anyway, Becca made great inroads into her boyfriend’s sock, so I think she will go great guns on it now and hopefully it will be well on it’s way by the next meeting. She brought me a really sweet “birthday card book” as a thankyou for the lesson, which had lots of cute puppies on it. You can put cards in it ready for when you need them. Great idea. I love the Westie in the woolly knitted hat, maybe The Gorgeous One would like one!!

Talking of whom, we are still really struggling with him. We are trying to housetrain him using a crate, so he goes in it for a while and then he gets taken out to the garden to do his business and if he goes he gets to play in the house for a while. If he doesn’t go, he has to go back in the crate and then try again in about 20 minutes. This had been going on for 3 and a half days now and he still doesn’t seem to twig that he should go outside if he wants to have some play. Ulgh, it is really hard work. If he is out of the crate too long he still pees on the paper pad in the living room. But it just seems cruel to keep him locked away, and he cries a lot and tugs at the old heartstrings. We are still umming and ahhing over whether he is going to be a permanent member of our household. It may have been a bit too soon after losing Podge, because we don’t seem to have a strong bond with him even after nearly 3 months. When he does come out to play he is still very willful and naughty and doesn’t respond to “NO!!”. We’ll give it a bit longer I guess.

Yikes, I broke my “no book buying” resolution last night. I got The Keep by Jennifer Egan and The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. We have both been looking at The Book Thief for a while and hadn’t gotten around to buying it so I took advantage of the Buy One Get One Half Price offer at Borders. Did I mention It’s a great way to get around the no buying books rule. I’ve had 3 books from there and they’ve cost me nothing!!


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