Borders knitters

Well here we are, the motley crew of Borders knitting group!
These two were taken from opposite ends of the table

These are 3 new members who came last night, I think they were (l-r) Gaele, Kerry and Clare – (and that is my 2nd Clapotis taking shape in the foreground)

and this is (l-r) Becca, Karen, & Anne (who works at the LYS).

I did notice a member of Borders’ staff taking a photo too so I’m not sure if that is going to end up on their website.

So we had a total of 18 participants last night. Some missing faces from the first meeting but the new people more than made up the shortfall (we had 13 at the first meeting). Chris came down and so did Mel who I hadn’t met before but killed in Sock Wars in the autumn. We felt like we’d known each other for ages from reading each others blogs and emails. We are both signed up again so I hope we don’t get each other as targets again this time.

We had to ask for a second table and more chairs to accommodate everyone! We were told that we wouldn’t be able to have more than 20 so we will have to work out how to limit the numbers a bit. It goes to show there was a demand for a knitting group in the Chester area though.


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