As this yarn was so reasonably priced in the indoor market, I went back on Saturday and bought 10 balls which is hopefully enough to knit this for Colin.

The pattern is Joma from Let’s Knit magazine issue 4. I made a start over the weekend and have used one ball already. I’m just hoping I bought enough, it could be tight at the end! I am making it shorter though so it may be okay.

A few posts back I mentioned that I was having a “I have to buy something” day but didn’t explain why. The reason was that we said goodbye to Charlie aka The Gorgeous One the night before. We had contacted Westie Rescue and they were happy to take him but it would have meant us driving him over to Doncaster to a foster home. So in the meantime we placed an ad in Pets at Home and we had a phone call from a couple who came round to see him. As they left we had another phone call from a friend of a friend of the lady who runs the puppy classes we had been to. She was desperate to see him so came round the same evening. Over the next few days we went to both houses to check they had secure gardens etc, and just to put our minds at rest that he would be going to a good home. In the end we chose the family in Ellesmere Port. They were absolutely delighted to have him and came straight round to get him. It was all over so quick. We heard from them the next day and he had had a good night so that was good. They have promised to send me a photo of him when he is fully grown as I’d like to see how he turns out. So it was all very sad but I think it was the right thing to do for him and us. He will get lots of attention where he is because there are practically 5 adults in their house (2 grown up children and the son’s live-in girlfriend) and there will always be someone around for him. They had to change his name because their next door neighbour has a dog called Charlie so he is now called Alfie which shouldn’t be too different for him to get used to.

So here are a few pictures I took of him the afternoon before he went.

We are going to wait at least 12 months before thinking about a dog again, and then we won’t get a puppy. We totally underestimated the amount of work you need to put in and we let Charlie down on that front. So we would go for a rescue dog of at least 2 years old I think.

Onto other things……..I gave up on Stephen King’s Cell, it was a bit of a gore-fest at the beginning. So I am now reading The Book Thief. For some reason Colin gave up on this after a few pages but I think its okay. Nina, I shall review it when I have finished!

My car is going back to the garage tomorrow cos the gear stick is really giving me problems. I am struggling to get first and second gear. I am also thinking of changing the car anyway because the service at the Ford garage is very poor. I test drove a VW Fox and a VW Polo yesterday and I think I prefer the Polo. So we will probably go out to Fords of Winsford next Sunday and have a look cos there are a couple on their website. They have all kinds of makes though so I may look at something else too.


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