Woolfest 2008

Guess where I went last weekend?

This the bag I filled with goodies, but what did it contain by the end of the day??????

Tah-dah…………(click on any of the pictures for a close-up!)

Five hanks of Colinette Iona to make Cherie Amour

Some cute buttons from Injabulo

3 hanks of Manos Silk Blend

3 skeins of KnitWitches sock yarn and 1 of Natural Dye Studio merino sock yarn

KnitWitches silk laceweight (600m) and KnitWitches cashmere laceweight (1000m)

See that grey spotty alpaca at the back?

Yep, this one. His name is Mingle…….

and his fleece is partly responsible for this. 6 balls of WhyNot Alpaca from Sedburgh, Cumbria, to make the Gathered Pullover from Interweave Knits magazine Winter 2007.

We went up to Cumbria on Friday but it was a bit too late to go into Woolfest and have enough time. We did go to the site to have a look and the first person we saw was Chris, dashing out the door. She was empty handed but informed us that her car was already stuffed to the brim!

We checked into the hotel and then had a lovely Italian meal that evening.

On Saturday we “did” Woolfest. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but basically it was a big livestock building where everyone had set up their stalls. Yarn stalls, spinning stalls selling wheels and paraphernalia, live animals at one end including sheep, alpacas and rabbits. The Angora rabbits were hilarious, I didn’t realise they had such pointy up ears.

There were plenty of stall holders whose names I recognised, and many I didn’t and there were loads of ravelry badges being displayed. I bumped into J, Beryl and Chris from the knitting group, but didn’t manage to spot Mel, she was probably buried in fleece!!

I bought all the stuff above (not the animals though) and Colin bought me a swift and ball winder stick (but I don’t know about them until my birthday!).

The ladies of KnitWitches were very chatty and recommended an Indian restaurant that they had been to so that evening we went there. And they were there too. And Amanda from Natural Dye Studio was staying in our hotel so we saw them at breakfast.

I’m afraid I wouldn’t recommend that part of Cumbria for a stay, as we went off to the coast to have a look and it was very run-down and bleak. Such a shame because the Lakes part is lovely.

Since we got back I finished my Vegas Sands cowl. I have made it quite tall and it fits snugly so it is going to be very warm in the cold weather.

Can you spot the one (not) deliberate mistake?

Talking of mistakes I have had an absolute disaster. I finished Colin’s jumper as you know and had partly sewn it up when I asked him to try it on “just to see”. Well, the sleeves were about 6 inches too long and the cotton was stretching so it was pulling the shoulders down making it worse. I decided to shorten the sleeve from the cuff but the first one wouldn’t unravel. I decided to take the sleeves off and frog and re-knit them. But, when I went to take the sleeve that I had sewn on off, I cut the wrong thread and a hole started growing in the BACK of the jumper. So the upshot is that I now have a lovely full bag of balls of cotton and NO JUMPER!!!! I had to frog the lot!!! I will not be making it again, certainly not in the cotton, it just hung off Colin like a sack, ulgh. I think it is now destined to be a selection of string shopping bags.

But on a lighter note, I have started the Gathered Pullover and the alpaca is GORGEOUS!!!!


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