In the words of Eric Morcambe………

………….you can’t see the join!!

Looky, looky what I got today,

KnitPicks Harmony interchangeable needles

Very nice indeed – the joins are smooth, the cables are very flexible and the needles are very pointy and light. I LIKE!! I have used the 4mm to cast on for the Tweedy Waistcoat, which makes for quite dark knitting because of the colour of the yarn and the colour of the needle tips.

This a scarf I finished off last night on Addis. I started this in November 2006, as a first foray into lace knitting, but after completing two repeats of the pattern I was unsure if it was me. While I was waiting for the sock yarn to come last week I picked it up as an in-between project and as it grew quite quickly I decided to carry on and finish it. It isn’t blocked yet, but when it is, it will be put away for a Christmas present.

And here is himself on the front cover of the local newspaper, we did laugh. Couldn’t have been much happening in the news last week, hee hee. (If you click on the picture it blows up big enough to read the article)


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