Puddin’ and pie

Yay, how cool, I have 3 followers already!

Just a quick FO to show today. This is the cardi I made for George. I’m not sure whether to just leave it open or add one button as it says in the pattern.

I’m not sure what to do now. I can’t do any more on the mystery sock and the other WIPs I have are just not inspiring me. They are at stages where something fiddly has to happen and I can’t be bothered with them at the moment. But I want to knit this evening. I don’t want to start Ice Queen because I can’t work out the provisional cast on and I don’t want to cast on 164 stitches that I can’t get to later on. I think I’ll go back to the Glacier Lake socks. I started them but ripped them out because they were too wide on the 2.5mm needles. I have 2mm ones now so I think I’ll start those.

Of course I could always have a think about what my 50,000 word novel is going to be about, after all it is only 14 days to the kick off!!


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