A celebrity in our midst………

……….well a celebrity in the world of knitting anyway. Jeni from Fyberspates has just moved to the area from Cardiff and she and her partner Andy from bluefaced.com joined us for a select gathering at Stash yesterday. And she has said that she will come to the knitting group at Borders.

Becca was working on a mitts pattern which Jeni had written so it was handy for her to have her on hand to clarify some of the instructions. In the meantime I spent at least an hour unpicking an extremely tight cast off that she had done on a pair of toe-up socks, which wouldn’t fit a mouse’s leg let alone the human recipient’s. The cast off she had used was supposedly called “a super stretchy cast off” but I think that should be reported to Trading Standards! Anyway I got it sorted and did a loose rib cast off and she was happy with that.

I managed to add 3 rows to my hat and bought some Lopi Aran to make a couple more. Not Koolhaas but some simple ribbed hats, probably using this pattern. Ruth had brought along a lovely book of vintage knitting patterns which she bought at the Harrogate Knitting & Stitching Show – a show she wasn’t overly impressed with due to the lack of knitting stands. Anne had Inspired to Knit and Glam Knits which we all had a look at. I think I preferred the first one.

I’d like to thank Anne for her hospitality and for providing tea, coffee and yummy edible goodies.

Have a look at the photos on this amazing blog. I found it through “Blogs of Note” on the blogger dashboard. Wouldn’t fancy that hobby myself!


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