The Knitter

There is a new UK knitting magazine out called The Knitter. I didn’t know this until Ruth mentioned it at knitting group on Tuesday evening and was passing around a copy. I am reluctant to buy UK knitting magazines such as Simply Knitting and Knitting as they contain nothing I want to knit and their other content is very basic. I do like Yarn Forward though and will continue to buy this now it is available other than by subscription.

The Knitter is not like SK although it is from the same publisher. It is aimed at the more intermediate to advanced knitter and does not contain a section on how to do basic stitches which is a nice change. The patterns are definitely not for beginners and although there was only one pattern that made me think “I want to make that” some of the others were also attractive. I did notice that they weren’t all original patterns for the magazine, they had been taken from previously published books or Rowan magazines so if you have an extensive knitting library it is possible that you may already have quite a few of the patterns. There were no “novelty yarns” to be seen and no Alan Dart toys!

Another positive thing about the magazine is the fact that the advertising is quite minimal. The pages are glossy and it is a well put together “coffee table” magazine. The price is a little steep at £5.99 but they do have some subscription offers at the moment where you can get three issues for £5 and save 30% by subscribing by quarterly direct debit.

On my needles I have my Ingenue jumper. I have finished the body and have made a start on the first sleeve. I tried it on when I’d finished the body and it fit just right, so as long as I don’t have any disasters with the sleeves I think I am going to be very pleased with my efforts on this jumper. I’m really happy with the yarn too, Alaska from Scandinavian Knitting Design. I may even get some more and make another in a different colour.


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