Back to the important things

Phew, I don’t know what came over me there, maybe it was the fact that it was my 300th post and it needed to be significant. Anyhoo, back to the important things, knitting!

I have an FO and two WIPs but can’t show any of them as they are for other people. One of them is a pair of socks for my step-dad which he knows about but I don’t want him to see them until I have sent them to him. The other two are surprises but I think one person may have figured out what I am up to becasue I asked her for her shoe size!!!

As I hadn’t worked on a pair of socks for over a month, I am all enthusiastic about them again. So much so that I have decided I want to design some myself. Whether there are any original sock patterns left to discover is another thing, but to help me along I have made a little purchase. Well, 3 little purchases but they only count as one really as they are a set of three books. The Harmony Guides to knitting stitches: Knit and Purl Stitches, Cable and Aran Stitches, and Lace and Eyelet Stitches. I have had these on my amazon wishlist for quite a while and when I saw them at £8.99 each (RRP £14.99) with free P&P I could resist no longer. Hopefully they will be here in a few days but not to worry because I need to finish these other things first.

Susie has had her operation to remove the cyst from her leg and after a week it seems to be healing well now, even though she managed to pop one of the stitches. The rest are coming out next week. The vet didn’t know what the lump actually was so has sent it off to be analysed, but fingers crossed it isn’t anything sinister, we could do without that, financially and emotionally. She has very quickly become part of the family and is very affectionate, especially with Colin, she won’t leave him alone in the evenings and keeps pawing at him for attention.


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