How old?

Would you believe that this man is 90 years old? That’s Colin’s dad and we were over in Ireland for a few days last week to see him on the big day. He is fit as a flea and puts me to shame! This is him with Colin and his sister Fiona.

Fiona gave Colin this shirt and I told him that from the neck down he looked like Noel Edmonds – he was a bit miffed at that!

Here is the birthday cake with some little golfers on it, Sean still plays a few holes every day.

And this is my old car which lives in Ireland now. Look what they’ve done to it – put one of those funny Irish number plates on it! That’s its new owner giving it a kiss, Colin’s niece Rachel.

So we were away from Wednesday to Saturday and when we got back my mum came up to visit from Sunday till this morning. I think she fell in love with Susie when she met her – well who wouldn’t? Look at her!


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