A Ravelry sale

At the weekend I had a request from a fellow raveller asking if they could buy my 12 balls of Drops Paris yarn which I had listed for trade/sell on my stash page. I have had this for over a year with no project in mind, since my previous disaster with knitting in cotton. So I agreed and we decided a price. This is the yarn that is going off to Brighton today.

I thought it would be nice to pop in a couple of handmade stitch markers so while Colin was watching the football, I parked myself at the dining room table and made a few. I had had the beads free in a magazine so they cost me nothing to make. I wanted to try making them without the big stainless steel jumprings that I usually use and so I used the plastic beading thread that was in the packet. That way you can make the loops any size you want. I am quite pleased with my efforts and they were very quick to make. It made a change to do them rather than knit – (theroretically I should have been at knitting group but as I’m still slightly wobbly from the labyrinthitis I didn’t want to go driving around in the dark!)

These are the ones I’m keeping myself, the others were purple but I have already packaged them up with the yarn.

I think I’ll be making some more – watch out etsy! Unfortunately our local beadshop has closed down, just as I needed them again!


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