I’m not common

I was driving to work yesterday and everywhere I went I saw those little Fiat 500 bubblecars. They have only been out a little while but they appear to be very popular. In my 3 mile journey I saw at least four of them. They look tiny though. In the two and a half months since I’ve had my car I’ve only seen 3 others the same and only one the same colour – makes me feel like I have something rare and a little bit special.


I haven’t knitted anything in 8 days!!! Tell a lie, I got my mum knitting a scarf while she was here visiting and I did a few rows for her, but apart from that – nothing. The last time I knitted was last Thursday in Ireland but that was one repeat of the pattern on the leg of a pair of Monkeys. I think it is because I am feeling a bit “meh” about the two things I have on the go. I am using a self patterning yarn for the Monkeys and it is not particularly showing the pattern off well. On my Amused I thought I’d be clever with my provisional cast on and now I am almost at the point of separating the arms off, I am worried that when I undo the cast on it will be all wrong. So I am deliberating whether to rip back and start again with a crochet cast on like it says in the pattern.

So everything has come to a grinding halt.

I am waiting on some yarn from ebay which I won and paid for on 15th February and which hasn’t turned up yet. I emailed the seller yesterday but haven’t had a reply yet but then I checked their neutral feedback and it said that it took ages to arrive. Just a waiting game there then, I hope. When it arrives I’m hoping to make this Drops Jacket with it – mmm, lots of cables.

Sign ups for Sock Wars IV are open if anyone is interested, you have until 1st May to do so. I am not going to participate this time because of the problems I had in Day of the Dead and it is run the same way.


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