One month later…..

…….my ebay yarn arrived!

The seller was very apologetic for the delay, however the yarn is not what I ordered. It is what was shown in the photos on the listing but the description said Aran weight, 100% wool. What I got was Chunky and 60% wool, 40% courtelle. One positive though was that the listing was for 20 balls and I got 26! I have messaged them AGAIN, about the difference but have heard nothing back. So now I don’t know what to do about feedback. I don’t want to leave negative feedback at the risk that I will get negative feedback from them (they haven’t left me any yet, and I have a 100% record so far). I could go neutral but that seems a bit wishy washy.

What is Courtelle anyway? I do still like the yarn, it is pretty soft but isn’t suitable for the project I had in mind.

Any suggestions for chunky weight patterns for up to 1790 yards worth?


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