I am feeling bad about something. This morning was the presale for U2 tickets and as I said in a previous post, I had the chance of getting 4 tickets which I was going to do. I had asked some friends if they would be interested in the spare 2 but various reasons came back – credit crunch, on holiday, don’t like them, etc – but one person did express an interest albeit nothing concrete.

When I logged on to the site this morning and saw the possible prices for the tickets I decided to just get 2 tickets after all as I was worried that I would be left with 2 tickets I couldn’t pass on and be £170 out of pocket! I emailed the person to ask if they definitely wanted tickets but it was very short notice (I didn’t have a phone number as it is not someone I know in real life.)

I didn’t hear back so I went with 2 tickets. I have subsequently heard from the person and they would have had the tickets. Now I feel a bit sh***y about not just getting the two extra tickets as they are now going to have to battle with the masses in the general sale. I probably could have sold the tickets anyway – and they didn’t cost as much as I was expecting. It was a split second decision as Ticketmaster was telling me I only had 3 minutes to fill in this or that screen, and now I feel like I made the wrong one.

So to the person concerned – I am really really sorry. You don’t have to reply. I’m sure you would be very gracious as I know you are a lovely person, but I know if it was me I would probably be grumbling about it under my breath and I don’t blame you.


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