Be afraid, be very afraid!

Disclaimer: Please ignore the inane expressions on my face in the following photos. I took them all several times and could not get a decent one! I was taking them by holding my phone at arm’s length and couldn’t concentrate on doing that and looking like a human being at the same time!

Anyway, when I got up this morning I looked like this – 9 months of not getting a hair cut is not a pretty sight.

So off I went at 9am to the hairdresser. Becca had given me strict instructions to have it cut short enough that I couldn’t drag it back and put it into a hair clip. We’d looked at some hair magazines in Borders last night while we were at knitting group and picked out a few styles. Of course you never end up looking like the pictures in those, but I got an idea of what I thought I might like.

By 10am I looked like this

It definitely had a bit more body and bounce in the hairdressers but by the time I got home it had gone flat. I had popped into Morrisons on the way back and bought some Shock Waves wax so after a quick dab of that, I had it looking like this

I didn;t bother having a colour done, I quite like my little grey streak at the front now that my parting is further over. I may get a cheapo one and do it myself at some point though. (And if you are wondering – no I can’t get it into a hair clip!)


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