Colin and I have just had a couple of days in London. I can’t believe how quick and easy it was to get there from Chester – 2 hours 5mins with only 2 stops and no changes!

I’ll do another post about the touristy stuff we did, but while we were there I went to visit iKnit. It is literally out the back door of Waterloo station and round the corner. The lady in the shop very kindly said I could take pictures inside the shop.

As they have a liquor license Colin settled down on the leather couch and had a beer while I perused the shelves.

I thought it would be a lot bigger seeing as they have a big event there, which I missed by a week!. Apparently there is a big room downstairs for that. So what did I get – sock yarn of course!!!

Schoppel-wolle Zaueberball in Cranberries, Malabrigo sock in Lettuce, Cherry Tree Hill Sockittome in Glacier Ice and Cherry Tree Hill supersock in Jade. I also had to replace my Harmony 2.25mm circ because I snapped the end off on the way down pulling it out of my bag roughly!. The lady also threw a load of iknit badges into the bag because I’d told her about the knitting group, so I’ll dish some of those out next meeting.


2 thoughts on “iKnit

  1. You've got some lovely yarn there! How lucky to find iknit so close to Waterloo – and I can't believe I didn't know this, it would be so handy for me to pop in when I go to stay with my daughter in London because Waterloo is where I change to the local train. I shall plan it better next time.

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