Raspberry Ripple

About two years ago I knitted my step-sister and niece a pair of socks each. When we were visiting a couple of weeks ago, the smaller pair of these appeared out of a drawer, looking none the worse for wear. But they are now a little small. So I said I would make another pair in the latest “favourite colour” of red. I had some red and white yarn in my stash from about a year ago that I hadn’t got round to knitting yet, so over the weekend I produced these.

I used The Knitter’s Handy Book of Patterns to get the size, so cast on 52 stitches and did plain stocking stitch after about 3cm if K2,P2 rib. And I managed to get the stripes to just about match!
Pattern: Basic sock pattern by Ann Budd
Yarn: Bear Necessities 100% 4ply wool from Folksy.com, colour Raspberry Ripple
Needles: 2.5mm circs, magic loop


2 thoughts on “Raspberry Ripple

  1. Ohhhhh love these ! Actually do you know anywhere I can get a sock pattern , you see I have artritis and my ankle is very wide , so any socks dont fit me (makes for lots of happy friends and family who end up with handknit socks though hee hee) !Oh Raspberry ripple , summer icecream…

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