Central Park Hoodie

This is my latest project. Father Christmas kindly supplied the Cascade 220 in duck egg blue from Pavi Yarns , and Interweave Press supplied the pattern – the now almost infamous Central Park Hoodie! After checking out the thousands of these on ravelry and reading the message boards about the sizing, I have gone for a larger size than I normally would as everyone was saying that this knits up small. They are right. I’m doing a 40″, to get a 36″ and I’m not sure it is even going to be that big. Very stretchy though so it will be fine – she says with fingers crossed! This is my first experience with Cascade 220 and I’m already considering getting more. I’ll wear the hoodie for a while though to see what the pilling is like.

I am almost half way up the back.
The cables are very simple but effective, and I’m doing them without a cable needle – that’s 3 stitches in mid air at a time to keep track of!!

The colour is lovely but I think I ought to keep it away from Becca when it is finished!!
Happy New Year to everyone for tomorrow. I am considering a blog revamp for the new year and may even go over to wordpress. I’ll keep you informed.

2 thoughts on “Central Park Hoodie

  1. The photos of the hoodie look really good. I love that colour.Good luck with the Blog revamp. I look forward to seeing what it is that you plan to do.Happy New Year!

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