Central Park Hoodie – done!

I finished my Central Park Hoodie this morning and although it is not blocked yet, I put it on straight away and took photos using the built in webcam!!

I’m really happy with it, the fit is great apart from a bit of bunching at the back of the neck but as I’ll probably not use the hood much that won’t be visible.

It still needs a zip, I bought one that was the perfect colour but when I got it home it was a closed end zip so I’ll have to take it back.

(Just realised the pictures are mirror images cos i did them on the webcam!! My living room looks completely different the other way round!)


2 thoughts on “Central Park Hoodie – done!

  1. Ooh, lovely new blogging place you’ve got here – nice and airy with good views!

    The transport network is a little congested at the moment though (the link from your other blog is appending itself to your blogger address, so it won’t click through).

    Happy knitting in your new bloggety blog! x

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