The frog pond

So after my last post I was feeling like I needed to sort out some WIPs.

The first one to get frogged was a pair of Glass Slipper socks.  I started these in August with some gorgeous Malabrigo sock yarn that Karen gave me for my birthday.

The yarn is wonderfully soft and the socks were going to be lovely, BUT when I got past the heel turn to carry on the pattern, the charts were wrong and I didn’t realise until a few rounds in.  Now there are a lot of twisted cable stitches in the charts and I did work out what was wrong with them, but couldn’t be bothered to tink back stitch by stitch, and the thought of pulling out the needles, ripping back and then trying to pick up those tiny twisted stitches (on 2mm needles) scared the life out of me.  So the sock went in the naughty corner for the time being.

I never went back to it!  So yesterday the sock got frogged and the yarn is probably destined to be a floaty lacy scarf.

This morning I was waiting in for a parcel that had to be signed for, and was feeling ruthless.  This time I decided a whole finished garment had to go.

This one….Drops Cardigan 88-4 in Drops Alpaca

It was a cute little cardigan, but the emphasis should be on the word little.  It was way too small.  It had to go.  “It’ll only take half an hour to rip that out” I thought, “and the parcel will have arrived and I’ll go to work.”  Hah!!  Three and a half hours later, the delivery van pulled up, and I was still winding!!!  I forgot about all the seams to be undone, the buttons to be removed, the sewn in ends of yarn to be unpicked.  I will admit the scissors did cme out a few times in frustration, but overall I managed to salvage most of the yarn, even if a lot of it is in little balls.  I had one full ball left whenI first made this, so I have about 900 metres total of this yarn to play with now.  There is a nice Cowlneck Pullover (ravelry link) in the book Knit So Fine which uses this yarn, but I don’t have enough.  Hmmm, what could I do about that?

Next to go……..Cherie Amour


2 thoughts on “The frog pond

    • There is also a feeling of regret at all the time you spent making it in the first place. I think that is why it took me so long to frog this. I do feel better now though as the yarn has potential again.

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