Washcloths? Errrrmmmm……

I finished something!! A washcloth…..

This is the February Mystery cloth KAL from KrisKnits.  I have mixed feelings about knitting washcloths.  I didn’t see the point for ages, it was an American thing, they seem to love them.  But then I made the Ducky cloths designed by eskimimi for some Christmas gifts and they were quick and easy knits.

When I saw KrisKnits cloths they were really cool and I decided that I could manage a cloth a month in her KAL.  Unfortunately Kris hasn’t quite managed to keep up the pace, the final February clue was only last week, but she has been moving house and seems to be back on track now.  There will be one cloth for each month this year, and you don’t know what the design is until you knit it, hence the “mystery” element. (BTW this one is two little birds sitting on a branch with a heart between them.)

So I quite like knitting washcoths now, but I don’t want to use them!!!  Although Karen says they are good for exfoliating!

Today I popped into town to meet Karen for a coffee in the refurbished Starbucks, and on the way ducked into Abakhan to get another ball of cotton to finish the above cloth (I needed 3 grams of the second ball in the end!!).  I was almost on my way out the door when I noticed full bags of Rowan Bamboo Tape.  Price?  £6.99!!  For 10 balls!  How could I leave that in the shop?  I only bought one bag, in a duck egg colour.  And I have found a pattern that uses almost exactly 10 balls.  Its a free pattern on the Rowan website.  So that’s my next project sorted.


One thought on “Washcloths? Errrrmmmm……

  1. nice pattern – I like the neckline. Good to know it will work Nith the yarn.

    The cloth looks good – nice heart. You’ll have to do another now- 3g used is pitiful!!

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