The dilemma this morning is:  write a blog post, do the ironing, or knit on my smooshy cable mitts.  Looks like the blog post has won the first round!

Talking of rounds, it is the final of BBC’s Masterchef tonight.  Over 100 amateur cooks started a few weeks ago and now we are down to the final 3.  Last night they got to cook for the most famous chef in the world, ran their own restaurant and had to make 60 canapes in an hour.  In the restaurant challenge there was a hairy moment when Dhruv (who I reckon will win) lost his wedding ring and no food could go from his section until it was found.  That could have been a major disaster but luckily they found it and he could carry on.

I wonder if they get any formal training in between rounds?  The improvement in their cooking cannot just be down to the challenges they are set each time.

I love the judges John Torode and Greg Wallace.  Some of the faces they pull at each other are priceless!

But before the UK Masterchef started this year, we had discovered Austraian Masterchef on satellite channel Watch.  This is obviously based on UK Masterchef because it  is the first year they have done it and they use the same Masterchef symbol (a hotplace in the shape of an “M”).  They even have their own John and Greg in the form of Gary and George, but unlike UK Masterchef, they have a glamorous presenter called Sarah who is dressed by all the top Aussie designers (it tells you who in the credits each day!) – poor India Fisher must wonder where she went wrong, we never get to see her face, just hear her strange husky voice.

But the concept is somewhat different.  After whittling down the numbers from thousands, the final 20 all live in a big house together X-Factor style and are eliminated one by one each week.  So it goes on, and on, and on, but once you have been drawn in you can’t stop watching.  It is on every day so we’ve had to set the Sky+ and watch a couple at a time.

They got down to the final 4 last week then brought back 3 previously eliminated contestants so it was back to 7 again!!  Arggghhhh, will it never end??  Well it is now the final week starting today, so we should get a winner in a few days time.

So what is the fascination with TV cooking shows?  The Great British Menu started again this week, and there are numerous daytime cooking shows on.  I wonder how many people actually make something they have watched “Digger Dean” make on This Morning?


Onto a little bit of knitting content…….

I recently made a small project using Sirdar Flirt.  This is 20% wool and 80% “bamboo sourced viscose”.  I made a K1P1 rib hat and the fabric it produced was lovely and soft.  I should think it will be hard wearing and is probably an ideal yarn for summer tops as it is quite cool.

I am currently making a pair of mitts using the kit I got from Toft Alpacas at Make Do and Knit last week.  Now if you want to talk about SOFT!!  In the ball, the yarn doesn’t feel much different to any other yarn, but knit up, it s SMOOSHY.  This is the yarn and colour I have.  I’m looking forward to next winter already!!

I also bought some Kollage square needles to try out.  I got the 100cm circular in 4mm.  Quite expensive at over £11.  The needles themselves are very nice to use, no real discernable difference between using round needles.  The cable is VERY flexible, it is almost like a rubber band and very light.  However I had a go “magic looping” with it and it wasn’t great.  The cord is just too flexible so it is hard to pull the end through smoothly to move the stitches to the end ready to knit.  It takes a bit of pushing and pulling.  So they are probably best for knitting back and forth on a large piece of flat knitting.


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