Lamp of the Wicked

The Lamp of the Wicked (Merrily Watkins, #5) The Lamp of the Wicked by Phil Rickman

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
This is number 5 in the series and the characters are developing and growing. A lot has happened in the village of Ledwardine and its environs in the year or so since Rev Merrily Watkins arrived! It’s the sort of place you may not want to move to, a bit like Midsomer!! In fact this series could probably be made into a TV series, although I hope they would do it justice, and some of the grisly scenes may not be ideal for daytime viewing!
This book centres on a serial killer – but is he really, or is he just someone with an illness caused by his environment? Did he actually kill anyone?
It all becomes clear right at the end of the book, and incidental characters who you may not really think much about, or wonder why they are there, come into their own at the end. They are all there for a reason it seems.
There is a bit of artistic license in the fact that the murders are linked to an infamous real life serial killer who was convicted at around the time this book was written, and I guess this adds to making the story itself seem a bit more believable.
I enjoyed his book once I sat down and got on with reading it, and I’m interested to see what Rev Watkins has to deal with next time!

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