A perfect shopping trip

We popped into town this morning, basically to have a mooch and get a Starbucks.  Oh, and a birthday present for Colin, he broke his sunglasses last week so I said I’d get him some new ones.

After our coffees, I said I’d like to go to Waterstones because since Borders closed I have missed just going into a bookshop and looking at all the lovely books.  I did look in all the charity shops the other week with Mel, but NEW books are just so much shinier!  I hadn’t intended to buy anything (ahem, cough), but the 3 for 2 ended up tempting me yet again.  The two books for me were a new Kelley Armstrong – Tales of the Otherworld, and Balthazar Jones and the Tower of London Zoo.  The latter just attracted me because it was something quite different to what I usually read.

Then Colin wanted to go down to Field and Trek so we headed down along The Rows on Bridge Street.  I almost fell over a new yarn shop next to Oxfam.  It is a branch of RKM wools of Shrewsbury.  They already have a stall in the indoor market but have opened a two storey shop on the rows.  I may not have gone in, because being a yarn snob I was not attracted by the acrylic yarns they have on the lower floor where you enter the shop.  But the lady said there was more upstairs so I had to go and at least look.  The yarns up here were better, they even had some Noro and Mirasol yarns.  It was bright and airy with a nice leather couch to sit and knit if you wished.  I bought a ball of Lana Grossa sock yarn with longish colour transitions to have a go at the entrelac socks that Mimi made a few months ago.

Yarn and books – the perfect shopping trip?


3 thoughts on “A perfect shopping trip

  1. Good luck with the entrelac socks! They are easy, once you get the hang of what you are doing (if you have done entrelac before they will be a cynch, I am sure, but they were my first entrelac pattern and really quite simple), but they are rather involved. They seem a lot slower than plain stockinette socks, as you might imagine, but the finished items are so spectacular that it is definitely worth it.

    Mimi x

    PS: Your yarn choice is perfect.

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