To do and TBR

When I am not at work, I tend to let the day drift by – a bit of knitting, a bit of reading, popping to the shop for milk, walking the dog – that kind of thing.   There is no structure to my day and the things that need to be done – ie housework, boo hiss – kind of get left by the wayside.

So, it is Spring and things needed to change!  I am going to do a bit of the stuff I don’t like first thing in the day, before I can do stuff I do like.  Yesterday I hoovered and did the ironing, and by lunchtime I was free to do “me stuff” so I finished off Ghostwalk in the afternoon.  This morning, I have tidied the top of my chest of drawers, got rid of all the junk and hiding behind all that was this……..

My TBR!!!!  All these books – with maybe one or two exceptions – are TO BE READ.  (You can click for a close up and to see my reading choices).  Some of the non-fiction I have dipped into like the Reiki books, and I have already read My Booky Wook and The Historian, but the rest are just waiting patiently for me to get round to them.

I have a strange relationship with this stack of books.  If I am reading a lot, I tend to add new books to the stack.  If I am not, I don’t add new books, so it does seem to maintain a similar size although I have to admit it probably does have a slightly larger inflow than outflow over time (ahem).

So with that little job done I am now free to start my entrelac adventures!!  I have the Annetrelac Socks pattern downloaded and printed and I’m raring to go.  I am finding the prospect a little daunting, but it will be a challenge and a new skill learned at the end of it.


3 thoughts on “To do and TBR

  1. Very disciplined of you Donna (on the housework anyway). How long did you stick to the not buying any more books resolution?
    By the way, have you read The Seance by John Harwood? It sounds a little similar to Ghostwalk, so you might like that one to add to the pile.

    • Just had a look at that book on Book Depository, sounds good, but I’ll have to finish one first!!
      I did quite well on the no book buying. There were 5 between the end of Sept and Christmas according to my list on Goodreads. Since then, I’ve added 12 plus 1 borrowed and have read 5 of those. Hmmm, maybe my input compared to my output is larger than I thought!!!

  2. I like your TBR pile although if it were mine I think I would feel guilty asI do with my yarn stash. I love reading your reviews and through you have just found Goodreads and am enjoying finding my way around.

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