Walk in the Woods

Yesterday was Colin’s birthday and as it was another lovely spring day we headed off to the woods with the dog.  She immediately found a big stick to carry around and when I offered her a smaller one she couldn’t make a decision which one to have so carried them both!  She must have ended up with a very achey jaw before she eventually abandoned them.

There were some bright green leaves opening up and it was all thoroughly pleasant!

On he way back we popped into a garden centre because I had got some free pepper seeds (capsicums) on a copy of Good Food Magazine and decided to have a go at growing them in pots.  I got some chilli seeds too so now have pots of both germinating on the windowsill.  No photos as pots of dirt are not very interesting.  Hopefully in a couple of weeks there will be some nice green shoots to show.  If my previous efforts at growing stuff are anything to go by, who knows whether they’ll grow or not!


2 thoughts on “Walk in the Woods

  1. Aww, Susie always looks such a happy soul!!
    I’m having some success with my seeds this year – I think it’s all the warmth and light we’re having at the moment!

  2. Hey, I’m about to repot some new herbs I recently bought! Wish me luck too, the supermarket ones don’t normally last too long in the kitchen windowsill so I’m experimenting with better plants that I am going to repot into bigger pots on the deck and then move them inside during winter. Hoping my rosemary grows quick as its only about an inch long and I’ve just bought a NZ leg of lamb for the freezer (can’t roast a leg without a few sprigs of rosemary – it is the smell of home).


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