Annetrelac socks – done!

Knitting goal: Learn entrelac – TICK!!

And they (just about) match.  They were about one square out which meant that I thought I wasn’t going to get a red toe on the second one but it was all fine by the time I got that far.

Pattern: Annetrelac socks by Sandy Beadle

Yarn: Lana Grossa Meilenweit 100 Merino colourway 2103

Needles: 2.25mm DPNs for sock 1, 2.25mm circular using magic loop on sock 2!

Mods:  This is a 72 stitch sock which decreases to 48 sts for the entrelac part then back to 72 for the foot, but as I have small feet, when it came to increasing back up for the heel and foot, I only went back up to 60 stitches and worked my normal stockinette foot from there.  I also put in one round of stockinette after the increases before starting the heel flap.

I thought the stitches would shift around a lot on the needles so I went with DPNs to start with but they actually pretty much stay on the same needle so I decided to try magic loop on sock 2 and it was actually much easier than all the DPNs flapping about.

Now I have overcome my fear of entrelac I’m not sure I would be in a hurry to use it again, it is a bit time consuming.  I’m not sure I would knit anything flat in it either, the back of the work isn’t flattering!  But it was a challenge which I have now completed.  What’s next?  Steeking????


4 thoughts on “Annetrelac socks – done!

  1. Your socks look great – well done on the entrelac!!

    But steeking….that’s really scary and one I haven’t felt I needed to learn. Maybe next October time when woolly jumpers are needed again.

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