I am here, just not a lot to show for my efforts at the moment.

I was away visiting my parents for a few days last week. My mum has been a bit “under the weather” for a while but is back up and running again, so it was good to see her back to her old self. Somehow I managed to agree to make her a Central Park Hoodie after she saw mine so much deliberation went on, checking out the colours of Cascade 220 at Pavi Yarns.  We couldn’t decide between 2 different dark reds, Burgundy and Ruby, so I have ordered a ball of each and will knit a small square in each and post them down to her to choose.  This order led to the discovery that Pavi Yarns accept PayPal, this could be dangerous!!

While I was in Southampton I saw my favourite middle school teacher, Mr George.  He is long retired now, I haven’t seen him since I was about 12 years old, 30 years ago.  He looked well, despite having had his appendix out a few weeks earlier!!  He was shorter than I remember him though!

The fair isle bug hit me after my Endpaper Mitts and I started on a Mini Mochi Fairisle Hat.  I’m a bit disappointed with the yarn but I’ll explain that when I post about the hat when it is finished.

I did a little bit of knitting on the train, and also listened to some Sherlock Holmes audiobook stories.  On the way down, the woman sat opposite me started to talk to me just as she was getting ready to get off the train.  She was going to meet an old friend that she hadn’t seen for 30-odd years, they’d been out together for two years at the time.  I hope they got on okay when they met up.  Isn’t it funny what strangers will tell you?


3 thoughts on “Travel

  1. Great to hear your mum is on the mend! Your train journey actually sounds quite fun with the audiobooks and knitting.
    I’d love to know what my old schoolteachers look like these days.
    Talking of friends that haven’t seen each other for a while….!
    I miss Borders :o(

  2. Good to hear your mom is doing better. It must be interesting riding on a train. I’ve never done that. A great way to knit and people watch and listen to a book all at once!

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