FO: FairIsle Hat

I finished my Mini Mochi Fairisle Hat today.  I have positives and negatives about this project, but first the details…..

Pattern: Mini Mochi FairIsle Hat

Yarn: Drops Delight, colour 12 rainbow mix, Rico Design Superba Klassik 4-fadig, colour 405 grey.

Needles: 2.75mm & 3.25mm circs

Mods: decreased a bit quicker at the top because the hat was getting a bit too tall.

As it turned out, it was a bit too tall but at least I will be able to pull it right down over my ears in the winter.  Because of the FairIsle it is double the thickness so will be warmer than a sock yarn hat.  I do like the colours in then end but as you can see if you click the link to the yarn above, it is supposed to be a rainbow colourway.  Mine is all dark pink, dark red, purple and blue because THERE WAS A KNOT IN THE MIDDLE which completely cut out the yellow and orange sections.  I bought two balls of this yarn and you can see from this photo that from the outside they look (almost) identical.

I started knitting from the centre of one of the balls, and when I realised something wasn’t quite right I checked the other one.  It had yellow and orange sections inside and throughout whereas the one I was using only had that little bit you can see at the top of the ball  on the outside.  Because the knot had been tied between two purple sections and the colurs reversed, it went back to blue purple instead of carrying on to red/orange.

I suppose I am probably more likely to wear the hat n the colours it is, rather than with orange and yellow in it, but I wanted to see the effect the colours would give so I am disappointed.  The yarn is also a bit thick and thin.

The Rico yarn on the other hand, is a good workhorse sock yarn, and although a little rough to work with will probably wash up softer.

I did like the pattern, it got a bit fiddly trying to keep the pattern going and do the decreases at the same time but I managed it.  I’d have made it shorter if I’d known the decreases happened over so many rows.


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