A smackerel of lace

I am doing a little bit of simple lace knitting on my latest project.  My friend Bex has just had a baby girl so I thought I would make what is commonly known as the February Baby Sweater (rav link) by Elizabeth Zimmerman.  The actual name of this pattern is Baby Sweater on Two Needles from the book The Knitter’s Almanac.  This little black and white book was first published in 1974 and is not known for its detailed instructions, but what little there is is actually quite easy to follow.

This little cardigan is knit from the top down, and I have just started working on the first sleeve.

I am using the Kollage square needle that I got at Make Do & Knit and its quite nice but the cord is just that little bit too flexible and keeps curling round itself!

I chose this pale sage green because  I thought she would probably have enough pink!  It is Sirdar Snuggly DK, so no problems chucking it in the washing machine when it gets covered in baby puke!  I got three cute little buttons to go on it too.  Luckily they just about squeeze through the buttonholes with a bit of a push! The colour on these is more like the colour of the yarn (why is it so difficult to get things to look the right colour on blog photos?)

To answer a question in yesterday’s comments from littlesparrowknits, the darker shade of the Cascade 220 is 2401 Burgundy and the lighter one is 9404 Ruby.


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